About Us

About Our Service

In 2001 when the service started from a garage in Mowbray, Cape Town, our daily operations involved checking newspapers, scanning tender adverts, capturing them, and uploading the batch to the website.  Over the past 2 decades, our operations have expanded radically.  In response to the rapid growth in the number of tenders published, today our main task is to monitor online sources of tender information (even newspapers are now obtainable online) and to upload the information as quickly as possible. For this we use search engines to alert us to changes on websites, which means that we now operate a tender information streaming service with hourly updates emailed out to subscribers. 

Business Structure

The trades as Tender Services SA, a Close Corporation which currently has 4 CC members.

The Tender Services team is as follows:
Mark Townsend - Managing Director
Catherine Townsend - Director and Operations Manager
Ruth Odigie - Director, Marketing and Customer Liaison
Kundai Muchaneta - Director, Gauteng Hub