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About Us


Tenderservices, originally Tenderscan, was started in 2001 by Mark Townsend, as a one-man, after-hours operation, working from a humble suburban garage in Cape Town. The Tenderscan team were initially undergrad students working part-time to cover their tuition. Tenderservices expanded from the garage to a small office and then a much bigger office, and we maintained junior positions for matriculants each year, in keeping with our director’s passion for youth development. Over the past 18 years Tenderservices has grown into a large, active online portal with hubs in the Western Cape, KZN and Gauteng. 

Tenderservices was conceived at a time when South African tenders were only published in newspapers and bulletins, and hunting for tenders required buying newspapers from all over the country. As South Africa joined the digital revolution, Tenderservices' operations evolved to scan hundreds of online sources for tenders. Our website developers invented complex technical solutions to search for tenders night and day. Tenderservices' website has undergone several redesigns to make it more efficient and responsive to market and subscriber needs. We welcome feedback in our quest to make life easier for those who rely on winning tenders to grow their business.

Although our reach and client base have both grown exponentially, Tenderservices remains a friendly, family business that prioritises giving our subscribers the best possible service.

Tender Notifications emailed to you

Tenderservices gathers tender notices from over 600 sources across South Africa, including department websites, municipality websites, government tender bulletins, private companies, parastatals, E-Tenders website and newspapers from all over South Africa. We scan, capture and classify tender notices according to fields of expertise, and then email out these leads to our paying subscribers. Subscribers select the fields of expertise that are most relevant to their business, as well as choosing how often they want to receive tender updates.


Auxiliary Services: Legal Workshops and Networking

In response to subscriber requests, Tenderservices has offered workshops to clarify the legal framework and procurement policy governing the tender process has fostered networking amongst subscribers and provided support for small businesses. Furthermore, the service of obtaining tender documents and attending briefings was offered, and our service was also extended into the neighbouring countries of Southern Africa. However, analyses showed that there was insufficient demand for these services, which led to these services being halted. Tenderservices has been approached by various government and private sector agencies with a view to working in partnership to expand our services, and we welcome such approaches.

Business Structure

The business is owned by Mark Townsend & Associates, a Close Corporation which currently has 3 CC members, and trades as Tenderservices.
The Tenderservices Team is as follows:

Mark Townsend - Managing Director
Catherine Townsend - Director and Operations Manager
Ruth Odigie - Director, Marketing and Customer Liaison
Abre Deale - Gauteng Hub Manager
Kundai Muchaneta - KZN Workflow Co-ordinator